Renewed clients trust and confidence

Founded in 1960, Ader Jolibois is a well established French law firm. The firm has been representing the French State in privatisations and settlement of international disputes. The firm has also been assisting lawmakers in drafting legislation and is a longtime advisor to a number of French industrial and media groups.

In addition to our main expertise in corporate law, with emphasis on acquisitions, corporate, litigation and arbitration, the firm has been dealing with major international inheritance cases in the art sector.

Renewed trust and confidence of our clients is the driving factor behind our commitment to continue and expand the work accomplished.

Assisting And Advising A Diverse Client Base

French and international industrial groups, small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals, ask us to represent their interests.

Building from our experience, we are ready to meet the challenges of today’s modern economy.

We provide assistance in different sectors, including banking, insurance and industry (automotive, chemistry, etc..), services, luxury goods and media.