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Amélie TRIPET graduated from Paris University Law School, Paris 2 (D.E.A.: intellectual property rights in literary and artistic property with Prof. Gautier). She was admitted to the Paris bar in 2001.

She began in a law firm specialized in copyrights collective management and joined ADER JOLIBOIS in 2002.

So far, she specifically dedicated her practice to intellectual property and information technologies.

Her practice is focused on litigation and contractuals aspects. 

She handles commercial issues faced by broadcaster clients, authors and users, in the framework of a regular follow-up with the purpose of effective and global advices.

She mainly deals with media law and information technology, copyright and trademarks law, publishing, advertising, competition, distribution and consumer law.


Her main fields of activity are:

  • Media law and information technology
  • Copyrights, image law and advertisement, intellectual property, trademark
  • Distribution and competition
  • Commercial contracts