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Basile ADER


Basile ADER has been admited to the Paris bar in january 1988.

He graduated from Paris University Law School (Paris II) with a D.E.S.S. degree and is a graduate of the Institut français de Presse (Paris University, Paris I).

He's been an associate of Henri LECLERC between 1988 and 1990.

He's been secretary of the Paris bar « conférence du stage » (1993 promotion) and a member of the Paris Bar Counsil betwen January 1st 2010 and December 31st 2012.

He's Chief Editor of the monthly LEGIPRESSE.

He teaches media law in the « Institut Pratique du Journalisme ».

He's also expert for the Council of Europe, member of the CEJEM (Centre d’Étude Juridiques et Économique du Multimédia, Paris law school, Paris I) and the « conseil scientifique de l’Institut de Droit Pénal » of the Paris bar association.

If Basile Ader maintained since his first steps in the profession, a significant activity in criminal law, including criminal business law, he intervenes especially in media law, intellectual property and advertising.


His main fields of activities are:

  • Media law and information technology
  • Copyrights, image law and advertisement
  • Intellectual property, trademark
  • Art market
  • Criminal business law 
  • Criminal tax law